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Audiopheeling Burn-in Noise
Audiopheeling cables are already pre-conditioned through our proprietary burn-in hardware, but they still require around 300 hours to achieve their full performance. If you want to have the best results possible (unattainable by playing “only music”), we have developed a unique burn-in noise/system enhancer track for this purpose, and for free (therefore, must not be sold).

It consists of signals in different scales, linear and logarithmic, passing through different frequencies, with a demagnetization period. The 5-minute file was entirely created in WAV format, 32-bit PCM Floating Point. It is not in conventional PCM format (Signed PCM) and cannot be converted to any other type, format or resolution, as it will lose its original qualities, functions and purpose. However, it can be played on the vast majority of devices without any incompatibility issues, even those with lower bit rates and resolutions. The native resolution is 192Khz.
This file has to be played in “repeat mode”, for two weeks (around 300 hours), at a low volume level, in order to avoid discomfort or damage to your ears and speakers/headphones.

This file is being offered by Audiopheeling for free and no responsibilities will be assumed by anyone other than you if you choose to use it. Aware and in full agreement, download the compressed .RAR file here:!iAU1jqKRNkMUNomls0xOijXkyTYWzIwD