Audio cables play a very important role, they transmit delicate signals from one point to another. This is what they do. However, in a high-fidelity audio system, it's not only important “what” but much more “how” they do it.

As a result of intense research & development considering the interactions of multiple interdependent variables, Audiopheeling cables are meticulously handmade uniting the artistic perspective of the fine jewelry with a "sound-quality-always-first" design philosophy that goes beyond the current scientific / industry approach.
In order to ensure the most accurate transmission, we use our proprietary and exclusive handmade conductors of solid-core silver alloy with an optimal amount of gold for exceptional resolution and organicity, natural materials as much as possible to lessen the harmful effects of dielectrics and an entire structure made to dampen vibrations.

No matter what the version is, Audiopheeling cables are an invitation for you to rediscover your audio system and truly feel all the emotions in your favorite music.
Music is about emotion. Feel it.
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